Scope and Objectives

Companies that intend to develop new products and services; increase the intensity of research and innovation (R&I) in companies; cooperation and synergies between companies and other entities of the R&I System; creation or reinforcement of the team’s skills and internal capabilities of the company; economic valuation and differentiating positioning in the market.

Do you need to invest at least 150,000 in your R&D project, individual or in co-promotion?


Incentive Rate and Form of Support

Base rate: 25%


  • Industrial research: +25%
  • Small company: +20%
  • Medium-sized company: +10%
  • Cooperation between companies: +10%
  • Cooperation with SCT entities: +15%
  • Wide dissemination of results: +15%

Maximum rate: 80%, except for the Lisbon Region (40%).

Non-refundable up to the limit of 1,000,000 of incentive.

Eligible Expenses

  • Direct Costs
    • Technical staff dedicated to R&D activities.
    • Acquisition of patents.
    • Acquisition of third-party services, including technical, scientific and consulting assistance.
    • Acquisition of scientific instruments and equipment.
    • Travel and stays abroad directly attributable to the project.
    • Process for certification of the research, development and innovation management system (NP 4457).
  • Indirect Costs

Call for Applications

Competition opens until DEC.30.2024!

  • 1st Phase: JAN.31.2024, exclusive for those who submitted the aid request
  • 2nd Phase: APR.30.2024
  • 3rd Phase: AUG.30.2024
  • 4th Phase: DEC.30.2024