Strengthening Organization and Modernization Capabilities


  • Strengthening the organizational skills and management of SMEs
  • Innovation, internationalization, and modernization of companies

Incentives Rate

Incentive rate: up to 50% (non-refundable).

Types and Eligible Expenses

Digital Economy and ICTs

  • Institutional website
  • Electronic platforms (e.g., e-commerce)
  • Information technology equipment and programs (e.g., CRM).

Recruitment of Qualified Human Resources

Organizational Innovation and Management

  • New methods of organizing work
  • Layout improvements

Product, Service, and Process Development and Engineering

  • Creation and strengthening of laboratory capabilities


  • Certification (National and International References)

Brand Creation and Design

  • Creation and registration of trademarks
  • Development of corporate image
  • New collections and design improvement

Industrial Property Protection

  • Patents and inventions
  • Consulting and technical assistance services
  • Certification of the R&D system


  • Reduce and reuse waste and minimize the extraction and use of raw materials
  • Certification of systems, services, and products in the environmental area

Distribution and Logistics

  • Information systems.