Support for Innovation and Digitalization of Companies

Scope and Objectives

The Industry 4.0 Support measure of the PRR aims to strengthen the digitalization of companies in order to catch up with the ongoing digital transition process. Specifically, this measure supports investment projects in the following areas of action:

  1. Digital transition of operational processes, including production, and logistics and planning management.
  2. Solutions for storage, management, and advanced data processing.
  3. Artificial intelligence solutions applied to production processes.
  4. Digital representations and virtual modelling (digital twins), simulation and industrial modelling.
  5. Additive manufacturing and prototyping
  6. Projects of augmented reality, virtual reality and computer vision applied to processes.
  7. Collaborative and cognitive robotics, human-machine interface, cyber-physics systems.
  8. Sensors and advanced electronics, Internet of Things, cloud and edge computing solutions.
  9. Network infrastructures, communication and advanced computing associated with processes.
  10. Innovative software, interoperability of systems.

Incentives Rate and Support Limit

Maximum incentive: 85% (lost fund).

  • Base rate: 55%
  • Surcharge:
    • Medium-sized enterprise: 10%
    • Small enterprise: 20%
    • Companies in the North, Center, Alentejo, Azores and Madeira: 10%.

The support cannot exceed €200,000.

Eligible Expenses [Min. €7,000 – Max. €500,000]

  • Acquisition of equipment and components
  • Acquisition of software
  • Acquisition of consultancy and engineering services essential to the integration of solutions; and
  • Expenses with the intervention of certified accountants or statutory auditors, in the validation of the expenditure of payment requests.

Submission of Applications

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