Excellence Certification in R&D and Innovation


Recognition of the suitability and certification of an entity in the practice of Research & Development (R&D) activities in specific domains and areas of activity.


  • Differentiation through recognition of the entity’s excellence and quality in relation to R&D
  • Ability to provide R&D services to clients, who may submit these expenses in their own application for the SIFIDE tax benefit, maximizing the tax credit granted
  • Capacity of the company to establish partnerships and cooperation with companies or entities of the National Scientific and Technological System
  • Strengthening of the actions for the economic valorization of products, processes, or services resulting from R&D projects
  • Access to alternative sources of financing, through the capture of capital by R&D support funds


  • Certification awarded by the National Innovation Agency (NIA)
  • Validity of 8 years, with the possibility of reassessment/revalidation of the certification.